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Evereything found on this page express my opinion and my presonal view.

Contents here is my own work, writings photos etc.

Photos I have taken are marked by filenames starting with "KrN" other photos are not mine, but I know who they belongs to.

If i use things from other places it is stated clearly - this does not mean that you are allowed to use them too - go ask the rightfull owner directly.

You are not allowed to cite from here or use photos and other material found here without having my written permisson.

I can be contacted on this address and phone numbers:

Kristen Nielsen
Stånumvej 62
DK 8960 Randers
Phone: +45 36430401
Mobile: +45 40466221
krn ved krn.dk
skypeid: krnkrndk (but I am not often online)

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