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My personal report from the Chaos Communication Camp 2007


Thursday 20070809

Talks I listened to

Bar: 11:00 The Functional Fuzzer

Fuzzer showed to be a really nifty tool where you can design and test-run your own protocol designs in first an emulated and later a compiled environment. Very well designed and the choice of functional programming languages all ends up in a very usable tool to both protocol designers and reversie-engeneers.

Bar: 12:30 Enhancing Network Defence

The net outcome of the talk is that IDS systems still needs a very good way to define good and bad traffic. The content was about a signature based system, which also triggered on almost alike signatures, which mighe be an iprovement to raise warnings when analyzing e.g. firewall logs.

Non talk activities

The rest of the day I walked around the campsite and got aquinted with the event, met people and enjoyed life. At the evening Machtelt and her staff of volunters serverd 3 dishes meal (Aperitife: Sangria, and selected servings, main dish: Grilled veal meat, selected salads.) I do not remember the desert.

The weather was very hot durint the day. We was almost melting at the campsite. The night was nice and hot enouth to T-shirts and short legged trousers.

Friday 200708010

Bar: 14:00 GNURadio & the Universal Software Radio Pheripheral

Talk by: Eric Blossom and Mathias E.

Bar: 15:30 The A5 Cracking project

Bar: 17:00 Practical RFID Attacks

Non talk activities

Valked the Campsite and viewed the scenery

Visited the Wireless Village

Visited the OpenMoko project group

Visited the village

Visited the Drumming set in the xxx shelter

Saturday 20070811

Bar: 11:00 Breaking WEP in less than 60 Seconds

Bar: 17:00 Hardwre Hacking for Software Geeks

Non talk activities

Signed PGP keys and Assured CAcert applicants

Talked with DR-P1 Harddisken journalist about the camp

Visited the Etherrape project with the wetherstation

BSD Village 20:00 The Bikini Contest 2007

I was assigned the title of "official press photographer" for the Bikini contest 2007. So i quickly had to empty my campera and prepare for this. The pictures talks its own language, and will soon be awailable here.

BSD Village 21:00 Evening meal and partying

Today Machtelt created a range of smaller aperitifes, grilled sticks with various meets and vegtables with rice and a delicious souce based on tomato and vegtables and the desert was fruit salad with Vodka! (Vodka is pronounced the "russian" way!).

Sunday 20070812

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